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Sudden increase in body odor female and 3 Best Ways to Fix it

Sudden increase in body odor female

Body odor is an unpleasant smell that comes out from our body especially when bacteria breaks down sweat into acid. It can also be referred to as the perceived unpalatable smell of body or skin of a particular person. Sudden increase in body odor female can be seen among individuals with certain medical condition, spicy food lovers, obese individuals and people who sweat too much “hyperhidrosis”.

Body odor is also known as B.O., ozochrotia, bromhidrosis, or osmidrosis. The rate of people living with body odor is increasingly high in today’s world. The major question asked by people why the sudden increase in body odor female?.

Main focus of this article is to give full details on the sudden increase of body odor female in our society, but we can’t talk about increase of body odor alone without hinting of its causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatments of body odor.

Who is susceptible to body odor?

Body odor which is mainly noticeable at puberty can be seen among obese individuals, individuals with certain medical condition, spicy food lovers and people who sweat too much “hyperhidrosis“. These category of individuals are more susceptible to body odor.


Body odor change can be attributed to numerous factors but bacteria that lives on the skin is a major known cause of body odor because it brings about the breakdown of sweat into acid and is also linked to apocrine glands, the originating source for body odor. The glands is found in different parts of the body like the armpits, breast, eyelids, genitals part, ear and other parts of the body. Sweat in humans are odorless in nature but the rapid multiplication and breakdown of sweat into acids by bacteria causes the sudden increase in body odor female.

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Cause of body odor change can also be attributed to these factors:

  • medical conditions,
  • diet, and
  • stress.

Diseases and some medical conditions can cause sudden increase in body odor female, this is beyond hygiene and inability to take proper care of ones body.

  • Diabetes. Patients with diabetes experience complications such as sudden change or increase in their body odor. They are predisposed to urinary tract infections which can bring about a sudden increase in level of body their odor.
  • Thyroid. Sweating of the body is caused by thyroid gland. In a situation where there is an overactive action of the thyroid glad, it can bring about an excessive amount of sweat production even when you are not engaged in a rigorous physical activity. This can bring about sudden increase in body odor especially among females.
  • Kidney and liver dysfunction. Removal of toxin from our body is an action of the kidney and liver. In a situation where there is functional failure of the kidney and liver. Build up of excessive toxins in the digestive tract and blood system predisposes the body to unpleasant smell.
  • Genetic Disorders. Ever heard of Trimethylaminuria? a condition where ones body cannot breakdown chemical compound trimethylamine. What is the action of this compound trimethylamine? It is what gives fishy smell to fish. When genetic mutation occurs in ones body and affects the breakdown of this compound. It brings about the build up of trimethylamine in the system and is released in ones sweat, breath and urine causing a sudden increase in body odor, more prominent among females. Note: This is a rare condition.
  1. Diet

Obvious diet-induced body odor is bad breath, foods can also cause foul smells in through your sweat glands. “If you are eating high levels of certain foods, foul-smelling compounds they contain may be excreted through your sweat glands to give an unpleasant odor, says Joshua Zeichner, a board-certified dermatologist in New York.

In order news look out for these odor-inducing foods and drinks.

  • Alcohol
  • Cruciferous veggies
  • Red meat
  • Spicy foods
  1. Stress

Stress is also a causative factor for body odor. When you engage in excessive physical activities, the body compensates by producing more sweat. This sweat is acted upon by bacteria and broken down to acid predisposing you to body odor.


Body odor occur mostly in these body regions:

  1. Armpits
  2. Feet
  3. Genitals
  4. Belly Bottom
  5. Behind The Ear
  6. Public Hair
  7. The Skin
  8. Groin


You would already know that you are or have developed body odor when you start noticing changes in the approach of people around you. Visible withdrawal among your folks. Unpleasant odor start emanating from your body, ear, mouth and other part of the body especially the affected region.

When you start noticing these attitudinal changes meanwhile you are sure to have been in your best behaviour in relating with people. Then there is a need to look inwards and identify what might be causing your body odor.


The current rate of people living with body odor is so much in the society, There are so many things that cause the increase.

These are few of them.

  1. Stress and Over Work

As earlier said excessive activity and workup could predispose one to acquiring body odor.

Most people are also exposed to work under the sun for hours, sweats production is increased and possible bacteria breakdown of sweat into acid.

  1. Low standard of living

Poor economic standard made it to the list. Many don’t have enough to fend for themselves making hygiene to be the least important on their list. Buying, use of antibacterial cream and soap becomes a great deal of barrier increasing their possibility of acquiring body odor.

  1. Ignorance

Ignorance is also one of the factors that cause the increase of body odor, most people don’t know how to take good care of their body, mouth, and other parts of the body. Improvement in proper body hygiene campaign is needed among all healthcare providers.

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There are many ways or method in which you can prevent increase in body odor.

  1. Take your bath twice daily.

Taking your bath at the morning and also at night will definitely prevent you from having unpleasant body odor, it will also make it difficult for bacteria to thrive.

  1. Take your bath with soap everyday

There are special soap that are antibacterial, using these soap will not just prevent you from body odor but also make your skin look good.

  1. Keep your armpits clean

It is very important to keep your armpits clean and make sure you shave all other pubic hair. They can be unhygienic and increase the possibility of acquiring body odor.

  1. Take Your Bath After Work

It is very important to take your bath after working, so that you can wash away your sweat. This is a very important practice for anyone that cares to avoid acquiring body odor.

  1. Brush your mouth morning and night. The best method for dealing with diet-produced odors commonly perceived from the mouth is to simply avoid the foods and drinks that cause them in the first place.
  2. Ask You Doctor

Yes, ask your doctor on how to prevent body odor, your doctor can recommend a body cream, drug or other antibacterial products that would help your prevent an increase in body odor female.

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When people start complaining of your body odor or you realize that people are constantly withdrawing from you, don’t panic yet. The best you could do for yourself is to get help and adopt treatment models for your body odor.

These are the best methods of treating body odor.

  1. Take your bath regularly

Are you fund of not having a regular bath? you need to have a change and start taking your bath twice daily.

  1. Bath With Antibacterial Soap

It is important to note that some soap can be unhealthy for your skin. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist to know the best product that would be good for your skin care.

When you must have identified a suitable product for your body, stick to it, frequently use it to clean your body and watch a sudden increasing body odor in your body disappear.

healthy and junk food concept – woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

  1. Eat Good Food

Make sure you eat balance diet, eat enough fruits and vegetable and avoid the above listed diet that is causing you increasingly body odor.

Ask Your Doctor

The best practice in treating any form of ailment is consultation with a healthcare service provider. Book an appointment with Healthcare Consulting dermatologist today.

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