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Depression Increases Suicidal Thoughts Risk

Depression in Teenagers Increases Suicide Rate

Depression in teenager Increases Suicidal Thoughts Risk. Depression also known as melancholy is simply a mood disorder, feeling or sadness that interferes with our everyday activities. In this context the both word can be interchanged at a time. Depression suicide thoughts is expressed by different people in different ways. It is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

If you’re suffering from any of these conditions then Depression suicide thoughts is one thing you should try to avoid in every way;

cardiovascular disease

People often confuse sadness with Depression which are two entirely different things. Sadness is a feeling of being down or upset but it only for a while. but depression on the other hand is a feeling of hopelessness that lasts for a very long time.

Depression is a very serious condition that should not be ignored, it can get worse without proper treatment. When melancholy gets very severe it can affect your mood and your entire body. For many who can’t handle depression, they resort to suicide. Suicide at the other hand is not an option when it comes to management of depression. Another weird thing about depression is that it affects men, women and children in different ways.

Depression in Teenagers Increases Suicide Rate

Signs of Depression in men

Here are a couple of ways you could tell a man is suffering from melancholy;
* Mood: A man who is suffering from depression is always angry, aggressive, anxious and restless.
* Emotion: Yes that right, men who are depressed always feel sad and empty most times.
* Sex: They usually have no desire for sex and even if they do, they under-perform.

Signs of Depression in women

* Mood: Depressed women are easily irritated.
* Emotions: They also feel the same as the men, empty,hopeless and sad.
* Sex: They tend to feel less concerned about sex but as less concerned as men.

Signs of Depression in children

* Mood: Depressed kids always feel lonely, sad and cry a lot.
* Emotions: They always get that feeling of being unable to do anything right, basically feeling incompetent.
* Sleep: Depressed children find it very difficult to sleep. Insomnia tends to eat down their system.

Melancholy and suicidal thoughts symptoms

People think of depression as a bad case of the blues. In truth, it’s more complex than that. Depression can alter how people think, feel, and behave, and it can even produce physical symptoms.

Depression can look very different from one person to another. Men are more likely to feel tired, irritable, or angry, and they may abuse alcohol and drugs. Women typically experience feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or sadness.

Causes of Depression in Teenagers

A couple of things could cause melancholy, from biological to physical causes. Here are some very common causes of melancholy;

Inheritance: Yes melancholy could be inherited if your family or lineage suffer from the condition. A dysfunctional home has a higher tendency of transferring depressive impulses to the children.

Childhood Trauma: Having a very bad childhood upbringing could also be the cause of your depression.

Drug abuse: if you have been a victim of drug abuse or an alcoholic then the chances are that it is the reason you are suffering depression.

Stressful events: Events that predisposes one to deep unhealthy thoughts, such as loss of a loved, breakups and emotional traumas.

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Nigerian War against depression in Teenagers

Complications associated with melancholy

* Weight loss
* pains in the body
* addiction to certain substances
* Social isolation
* poor relationship status

Types of melancholy

There are basically two main types of depression: Major depressive disorder and persistent depressive disorder.

Major depressive disorder: as the name implies, this is the most feared sort of melancholy and you can almost immediately spot a person with major depression. They are constantly in a saddened and reserved mood. Best way to tell if someone is truly suffering from major depression is to observe them for a period of two-three weeks for the following symptoms;

  • weight loss
  • excessive sleeping
  • Boredom
  • Slow but persistent thinking
  • feeling worthless
  • loss of concentration

Persistent depressive disorder: which is also known as dysthymia is mild compared to the above. To detect if a person suffers from this disorder, you are going to have to observe the victim for as long as two years. “in some, at least two years of dysthymia lead to recurring major depression”.

Excerpt: Depression in Teenagers also known as melancholy is a mood disorder associated with teens, it interferes with their psychology and feelings predisposing them to suicide thoughts.

Depression in Teenagers and anxiety

So this two problems can actually happen to one person at the same time plus research also suggests that people with depression also suffer anxiety. Both of them have the same symptoms but different causes.

They both can be treated by the same method, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and medications.

Before proceeding, Watch the Short video clip below;

Preventing melancholy

Although it is very difficult to prevent depression but there are some preventive measures you could take to avoid future episodes. Below are some of the ways or rather techniques you could use to fight depression; Firstly, you need to let people into your World, Presently in Nigeria, Everyone is trying to live for themselves. it is a contributing factor that exacerbates depression and subsequent suicide.

Involve with caution, one or two close people in what you do, that way you could have a channel to lessen burden for yourself.  You also need to get engage in;

  • Consistent exercises
  • Adequate sleep
  • Stress Avoidance
  • Get involved in social activities

Treatment of melancholy

Of course melancholy does not have a standard treatment principle, because what works for one may not work for another. You might be lucky one form of treatment might work for you or a combination of treatments might be what works.

Below are some management means for melancholy;

Psychotherapy: This is a very effective and highly recommended management because it involves you speaking to a therapist about your problems and gently guided out of melancholy.

Light therapy: I know this might sound odd but being exposed to doses of white light have been found to reduce the level of depression.

Exercise: Try to get involved in physical activities like skipping and jugging for at least 30 minutes a day.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs: Reduction in your level of drinking and drugs abuse could drastically reduce your depression level by a great percentage.

Natural supplements for melancholy

These supplements would help you manage and coup better with melancholy.

5-hydroxytrypotophan (5-HTP):

The chemistry to this supplement is that it raises the serotonin levels in the brain which in turn tends to reduce your level of melancholy.
This particular supplement have been scientifically tested and is said to be what been used in Europe as an antidepressant.

Omega-3 fatty acid
Omega-3 fatty acid has been said to help reduce depression level by providing the essential fats needed for the neurological development `of the brain.

Essential oils
There are some oils which have been termed essential and are used as a remedy for melancholy. Some of this oil includes;
Wild ginger: Research suggests that inhaling this substance may trigger some serotonin receptors in the brain which reduces stress.

Best healthy principles of caring for your general wellness

With these, next time you notice any sign of melancholy or anxiety in a person or yourself, first thought would be the relief that there is solution out there, second thought would be for you to seek for it. At Healthcare Consultings we are available to attend to your concern at any point.

Depression in Teenagers and suicidal thoughts risks

A new study by the World Bank has revealed that 22 per cent of Nigerians, on average, are chronically depressed.

The study looked at the first nationally representative estimates of chronic melancholy in Nigeria to shed light on how it may be linked to economic outcomes, such as Labour market and human capital investments, especially in heavy-conflict areas or for individuals or communities who have experienced shocks or deaths.

Describing the availability of representative statistics of mental health at the national level as rare, the Washington-based lender’s Mind, Behaviour and Development Unit said the results were not surprising, but telling.

Chronic melancholy, according to the report, is strongly associated with adverse events, especially conflict, and these events are positively associated with chronic melancholy but their effects vary.

“For example, less than 30 per cent of household heads who are affected by a family death or a community shock (such as droughts) are chronically depressed. This contrasts with more than 50 per cent of household heads affected by conflicts; this rate of melancholy is more than twice the national average,” it said.

There are strong socioeconomic gradients at play with respect to chronic melancholy, the World Bank’s behavioural sciences team in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice said.

It said, “Being in the bottom 30 per cent of the income distribution is positively associated with chronic melancholy. Even worse, adverse events affecting these households add another 10 percentage points to the probability of having a chronically depressed household head. Poverty and shocks go hand in hand.”

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War against depression and suicide in Nigeria – How can this be mitigated

The rising cases of suicide among teenagers is more the reasons why Nigerians should visit psychiatrists and psychologists more often. Indeed, several researches have identified poor mental health care especially treatment of depression and post traumatic stress disorder as leading causes of suicide among the young population.

To mitigate this menace, Healthcare Consultings, calls for collaborative efforts among stakeholders, dedicated awareness programmes and government intervention agencies. So as to implement mental health and psychosocial programmes and also changing the social norms related to communication about the treatment of depression and anxiety symptoms.

Minimizing the effects of melancholy experienced by victims of conflicts, deaths and emotional shocks, we may help mitigate the seamlessly increasingly suicide rate. To help touch life, you can share your melancholy and suicide thought experience at the comment session and how you overcame it. This may go a long way to help someone else.

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  • When I was younger, I remember being frustrated at home.
    I am the ‘only boy’, but i didn’t feel like the only boy cos everyone loved and gave a fuck about me but I was still lonely.

    I started putting all my experiences in perspective from early childhood and STUPIDLY concluded I wasn’t really loved at home. Earliest I can remember was one sleepless night. I was in front of my parent’s room crying like a little bitch so I can sleep in their room.😂

    My dad opened the door, saw me balled up crying by the door. Man walked past me, went to the toilet n eased himself, went back inside, he opened the door once again and told me if he came out there n met me at the door still crying….my ass was toast!😂

    Long story short.
    Growing up was hard ahome, although I have 6 beautiful sisters and everyone of them gave me special attention! They even dashed me their chocolates every time just to make me feel appreciated and all happy. Shit really got me used to having multiple females around me, But hey, I still felt life was nothing without a brother 😢

    One time around 10yrs was the first time I was suicidal. But the only thing that kept me from suicide was procrastination!

    My aunt came to preach to us one time and she was like no matter how bad children are, wen they die they go to heaven,
    So I thought to myself, yo I want to go to heaven and since little kids get a free pass, I decided to kill myself.

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    Sounds retarded but I wanted to just enjoy the holidays, eat Christmas rice and chicken with salad before going back to depression.
    But the funny thing is, after the New year, things already took a different turn and I’d feel stupid about wanting to killing myself about a week ago. Life changes real fast!

    My whole point is…Just wait a lil longer. Every time you are your tethers end and you are thinking of taking ur life. WAIT a lil longer.

    I’m not saying don’t go through with it. I’m just saying wait a lil longer and trust me. In about a week, you’ll be thankful you didn’t.

    People have committed suicide over the dumbest shit.. trust me. Just cos they were in a bad mental state & didnt think it through.

    Just wait!!!
    Chima Kings

  • Number of suicides in Nigeria this week

    * 38 year old UNN lecturer commits suicide

    * 400 level UNN student commits suicide

    * Rape victim commits suicide

    * Fresh YABATECH Graduate Commits Suicide

    * Student Commits Suicide After Failing JAMB

    * RCCG minister commits suicide in Abuja.


  • Lastnight i stayed up reading articles and i noticed that the topic of depression has come up at some point all around the world lately, suicide rates have sky rocketed, people going insane on a daily basis, crime on the increase,,, kinda mans own way of seeking answers to critical life questions and when there is none he seeks a means of escape.sad but true.. depression as a topic is one thats rarely talked about here in nigeria especially and so alot of people walk around with firm happy faces but sinking spirits..we are just not used to talking about depression , its not CULTURAL ( for lack of a better word).but it isnt a taboo u know, it could happen to anyone.its not a sign of failure its only a phase! A cry for help wouldnt show weakness rather it shows a will to fight , the courage to take charge of your own destiny and generally a determination to live. I notice as a nation we are not prepared for such cases..a depressed person needs more than a pastor or an imam ,he needs that yes but primarily needs a psychologist, his mind is hurting not his conscience..we are soo used to religion as an easy cover up just like when you see a begger on the street and instead of giving him something to eat u look into his pale hungry eyes and tell him God loves does that stop the rumbling in his stomach? Dont get me wrong i am a firm believer in the gospel of christ but i also think we should put hypocrisy far away from religion.
    Back to what i was saying...whoeva is reading this and has a void inside should please get help. If not for yourself atleast for the people who love you. Please don't kill yourself
    Another good article on this is here>>

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