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7 Acupuncture Therapy Benefits and 9 Risks You Must Know

Acupuncture Therapy Benefits and risks that may interest you to note before trying Acupuncture for the first time.

Acupuncture eases everything ranging from stress, to pain to allergies. Research have also shown how acupuncture therapy benefits in reducing inflammation, increases blood flow and help in general body relaxation

Acupuncture therapy benefits ranges from relieve of pain, stress reduction and many more, it is a type of Chinese traditional medicine that dates back thousands of years. Acupuncturists use fine needles in pressure points in various parts of the body. This treatment is said to:

  • reduce inflammation
  • relax the body
  • increase blood flow

It’s also believed to release endorphins. These are natural hormones that reduce the feeling of pain.

In Chinese tradition, good energy flows through “qi” (pronounced “chee”). It can be blocked by obstructions called “bi.” The needles open up the qi and remove the bi.

Most people either don’t feel the needles, or feel a very small prick when the needles are inserted. The needles are said to be thinner than a strand of hair.

Some people use Acupuncture Therapy Benefits to treat joint pain, as well as headaches, back pain, and anxiety.

Everybody in our today’s society has turned to western medicine for treatment and forgetting some of the old ones that works like magic.

Today we are going to be looking at all the steps, precautions and what to expect when going for your first acupuncture therapy.

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Expect your acupuncturist to be really prying

During the acupuncture session, your acupuncturist is gonna want to know almost everything about you from your stress level to how many times you eat or even how many times you poop.

But don’t take all of this as an invasion of privacy, as the acupuncturist is doing this to know what and which energy channel to block in your body. Don’t try to understand that energy channel stuff, it on a whole different topic of it own.

By the way, just a heads up, if your acupuncturist does not ask you to fill any form or does not ask you a bunch of questions, advisable you find a better therapist.


I know most of you are gonna be like, needles going through my skin? isn’t that going to hurt?

But not to worry, it only going to feel like a little pinch. Although it not going to be as comfortable as you think but at the same time it doesn’t hurt badly either.

Once all the needles the size of a cat’s whisk are on place, you’re going to be asked to do absolutely nothing, no pressing of phone, no looking at anything, and even no thinking of anything. You just sit and let the spirit of serenity, joy and life pass through you.

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You are supposed to go for an acupuncture therapy at least once a week for a month. Some people go once every month, some book a series of acupuncture sessions when there is something specific they want treated.

7 Acupuncture Therapy Benefits You Must Know

  1. Reduce stress: This is like 70% of the reason why people go for acupuncture in the first place. Although work is the major trigger for this stress, acupuncture has been proven to reduce stress level.
  2. Reduce pains: Whether it is back pain or poor posture attributed pain, Acupuncture can always fix all of those anomalies. Acupuncture serves like a drug-free pain relief therapy.
  3. Relieve of Migraines and Headaches.
  4. Reduce Eye Strain: You could treat that eye strain you got from neck tensions, it is said to even treat other sorts of eye ailments.
  5. Improved immune System and Reduce Sick Days: Acupuncture Therapy can be used to treat virtually all ailments. It is used to fight off pathogens by increasing the efficiency of the immune system.
  6. Reduce Cigarette Craving: Yes that right, addicted to smoking? acupuncture benefits might also be for you as it helps in curbing cravings and promote lung tissue.
  7. Treat Arthritis: Arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects tens of millions of people around the world. Acupuncture benefits offers an option for reducing the painful and debilitating effects of arthritis.

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